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Enhancing Parent Communication: A Studio Owner's Guide

Jun 25, 2024

Whether it's marketing, studio culture, or the balancing act of motherhood and life, we cover it all.

Let's dive into this week's important topic: effective parent communication.

Understanding the Parent Perspective

As studio owners, we often assume that parents understand the dance world as deeply as we do. We forget that many parents didn't grow up dancing and might be clueless about how to do their child's hair and makeup for performances. A crucial reminder we often share with our tribe is: Not everyone’s life revolves around dance.

The Importance of Clear Communication

Recently, we shared this statement with our Studio Growth Club members: "Not everyone’s life revolves around dance." It's easy to forget that while we live and breathe dance, most parents have a different reality. They juggle multiple responsibilities, from school to other extracurricular activities, and dance is just one part of their busy lives.

Real-Life Examples

Let's take this hypothetical situation as an example.

My sister-in-law, Janie, is a perfect example. Her son Billy, an exceptionally talented boy, recently got into dance. Despite her dedication as a mom, she struggled to understand why Billy needed to take ballet classes as part of his training. She didn't see the connection between ballet and his overall development as a dancer until I explained it to her.

This situation is not unique. Another parent at our studio considered pulling her son out of technique and flexibility classes because she didn't understand their importance. Once I explained how these classes benefited his jazz and ballet performance, she was grateful for the insight.

Educating Parents

It's essential to educate parents on why certain classes are necessary. Explain the benefits of ballet or technique classes clearly. Parents need to understand how these classes help their children develop as dancers, rather than just being arbitrary requirements.

Handling Practical Challenges

Parents also face practical challenges. For instance, Billy missed part of a show because he had the wrong underwear and felt embarrassed. His mom didn't know he needed special dance underwear, highlighting the importance of communicating even the smallest details.

Compassion Over Frustration

We often hear studio owners complain about parents not reading emails or understanding instructions. But consider their perspective: they're managing multiple schedules and commitments. Instead of frustration, adopt compassion. Think about how you can make communication clearer and more accessible.

Practical Tips for Better Communication

  • Tutorials: Provide video tutorials for makeup and hair. Not every parent knows how to do stage makeup or braid hair.
  • Simplified Instructions: Keep hair and makeup requirements simple, especially for busy parents.
  • Comprehensive Guides: Create detailed guides explaining class requirements and the rationale behind them.
  • Flexible Scheduling: Understand that parents might need flexibility due to other commitments.


Reflect on your communication strategies. Are they parent-friendly? Are you assuming too much prior knowledge? By understanding parents' perspectives and easing their burden, you create a more supportive and enjoyable environment for everyone.


Remember, dance is a significant part of our lives, but it's not the center of everyone's universe. By improving our communication and showing empathy, we can better support our dance families. Have a great week, and let us know if any of these tips resonate with you. Follow us on Instagram and drop us a DM – we’d love to hear from you!

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