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Setting Your Preschool Students Up for Success: A Guide for Dance Studio Owners

dance studio culture dance studio growth dance studio teacher pre school students May 14, 2024

In the dynamic world of dance education, setting the stage for success starts with the youngest dancers in our studios. The early years of dance are pivotal, not only for skill development but for fostering a lifelong love of movement.

Drawing from the rich insights shared by Samantha Smith and Chantal Kermy on the Dance Principles United podcast, this blog offers studio owners and dance studio coaches a comprehensive strategy to create an enriching, supportive environment for preschool dancers.

Understanding Your Young Dancers

The journey of a preschool dancer in your studio begins long before they step into the classroom. It starts with understanding who they are, their previous experiences with structured activities, and setting realistic expectations with their parents.

Making initial contact and understanding each child's background allows studio owners and instructors to tailor their approach, ensuring a positive first impression of the dance world.

Tailoring the Enrollment Experience

Creating a welcoming and reassuring enrollment experience is key. This includes providing parents and students with a sneak peek of what to expect through engaging videos that highlight the studio's environment, the class structure, and the fun awaiting the young dancers.

These initial touchpoints are crucial for easing anxieties and building excitement.

The First Class: A Strategic Approach

The first class experience for a preschool dancer can significantly impact their desire to continue dancing.

It's essential to:

  • Greet each child by name, making them feel seen and valued from the moment they arrive.
  • Offer studio tours to both the child and their parents, demystifying the new environment.
  • Use name badges to foster a sense of belonging and ease the process of making new friends.
  • Engage parents by showing them where and how they can observe the class, ensuring they are comfortable and informed.
  • Furthermore, involving the child in class activities, even if they initially resist participation, is crucial. Strategies like assigning them small tasks or responsibilities can help break the ice and encourage engagement.

Continuous Communication and Feedback

For children hesitant to participate or those who have a successful first class, continuous communication with parents is vital. This might involve sending personalized videos from instructors encouraging the child and highlighting what they can look forward to in the next class.

Additionally, providing immediate and constructive feedback to young dancers and their parents helps set expectations and fosters a growth mindset from the outset.

Building a Supportive Culture

Behind every successful preschool dance class is a team of well-trained and passionate instructors and administrative staff.

Ensuring that all team members understand the studio's approach to teaching preschoolers, including the studio culture, class goals, and how to communicate effectively with parents, is essential for consistency and quality.


Setting preschool students up for success in the dance studio requires thoughtful preparation, tailored communication, and a supportive environment that celebrates each child's individual journey.

By implementing these strategies, dance studio businesses can ensure that their youngest dancers not only grow in their technical skills but also develop a deep love for dance that lasts a lifetime.

Let's commit to being the dance studio coach, business mentor, and supportive guide our preschool dancers need to thrive.

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